Interview Diary beta

Interviews are a great opportunity to showcase your unique talent, background and create a strong impression on your potential recruiters.
Hence, it makes sense to be well prepared for your interviews. PlaceCom's Interview Diary is a simple yet powerful tool to help you be solidly prepared.
Here's a list of typical interview and application-form questions that you should prepare for. As ex-MBA students, we know how critical it is, to have these answers handy during the placement season, or when you have to fill in multiple application forms the same day.
This diary will help you :

  • Writing and sharing your answers: Looking at some of these questions, especially behavioral, one may be tempted to asusme that we know how to respond effectively. But our own experience in interviewing and recruiting has shown us (beyond doubt) that the best answers come by practice. Practice of writing your answers and sharing it with others. Sharing with other colleagues will help you get quick feedback and an opportunity to improve them
  • Learning from other's answers: Your batchmates at your school and others, are the best people to learn from. Read their answers, ask yourself what's the structure they follow, is it creating impact, what can I learn from their responses?
  • Keeping the answers ready for D-Day: The Campus Placement days are crazy ! We have been there. You will have a lot going on. Have your interview answers handy in one place, so that you are not worrying and thinking through those at the last moment. Be relaxed and confident.