Rules of the game

The rules for the platform were designed with the following objectives:

  • Generate maximum offers in shortest time
  • Maximize internship sign-ups as against optimizing for top students

With these as our objectives, we have defined a few rules (some of these may change as we get feedback):

  1. Remote only. Given the current scenario, it is highly probable that work related travel/commute will stay highly restricted during the Apr/May period of internship. So no discussion/filtering basis where the candidate is vs where the company’s offices are. Saves time.
  2. Minimum stipend of 25,000/- 10,000 per month. While stipend may not be top of mind for students right now, we do believe that companies (even startups) should have a minimum stipend. Also avoiding the discussion on stipend by having it fixed upfront.
  3. Can make immediate offer . If the companies choose to make an offer, by just looking at the CV, so be it. We trust their judgement.
  4. Not more than one interview round. As companies, shortlist wisely and make the best of the 30 mins to talk to a candidate. If you are really serious about multiple people having a view on a candidate, make it a panel interview.
  5. Learn and adapt. We will keep changing the rules as needed, basis your feedback. e.g within 2 days of launch we introduced a new stipend slab of Rs 10K pm
  6. Only MBA internships. We just hacked this platform together to help a small subset of students. Our networks are skewed towards management internships. We believe larger, more established platforms like InternShala etc can server the other student communities better.
  7. On the back of LinkedIn – Given this platform was born out of the posts we saw on Linkedin, the student-corporate connect will also be triggered on Linkedin. We do not want students or candidates to be logging in and tracking multiple platforms for notifications/updates. Let’s cut the noise.
  8. In it together. We are committed to working/helping all the other platforms that are helping students. Towards the same, we have curated an evolving list of resources for candidates.

If you have any feedback, do talk to us now !

3 thoughts on “Rules of the game”

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  2. Hi,
    Firstly congratulations on the new initiative. I hope this will help get the internship easily and efficiently.
    I represent tylt. I have posted an internship requirement, but it seems to have been not yet approved. Could you please through some light on it?

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