From Fall to Rise

I am taken back decades back to my time when I was getting hired for a summer internship. It was August 2003, hot sultry afternoon and I had my first interaction with the first company that chose to visit to potentially hiring summer interns.

Now I understand, there is almost nothing similar between now and that time. This will be remote for you, I had the opportunity to show up in person. I was lucky, I got hired amongst the first batch of 7 students in the first company that visited us – Whirlpool then. The reason I mention this is to say, you are in good hands.

Or maybe not! 🙂
Here’s the second part of the story. It was final placements time. January beginning, cold days. And since I had gotten hired first in summers, I was unconsciously quite clear, I will be landing a great job before things even start quite.

Not quite though! Haha (I can laugh about it now!)
So, my sister was to get married in less than 3 weeks and my parents and sister were heavily occupied with work that just comes with marriage. Pun intended.

Before day 1, I recall many coveted companies then like ITC and some other companies had come and I think I just casually sat around, making the others wrong for creating what they called then a fish market, and thinking oh you know its just so much below my dignity to engage in this and hopefully the company personnel will also feel the same.

Well they did not!

And while, I did not appreciate it at all then, I do now in hindsight. It taught me to fall and rise.

A great lesson, life tends to teach us all at different times.
Day 1 went by. Day 2 of placements went by. And that’s when I called home late evening. And my sister picked up and I said ‘Didi, mera toh abhi tak nahi hua, kaafi logon ka ho gaya and the process will end soon. I want you all to tell me some tips and what to do. Especially in a fish market, when I don’t say anything.’
My sister, who is amazing in many ways, especially including impact in group discussions and interviews, told me my folks and she were headed to my hostel, crossing three states.

I was relatively detached to career as I continue to be, yet completely committed. And while other students were really panicking, I would usually be reassuring them.

Yet, I was relieved.
My parents and sister have been my north star, especially in such matters. What they say Works! I am not mentioning their accolades, just know they are from the best of the best places across India and the globe, and have given guidance to hundreds of students. And somehow, every time, the student goes for the next interview or discussion they ace it!

I did too. Day 3, and morning came and I spoke some and I was chosen immediately.

What did my folks and sister tell me? While I don’t recall word to word, heres the essence of what I feel they would have.

You are awesome!
You are the best.
They will be really lucky to get you. Do you agree? I nodded.
Your time has come.
All you got to do is go there, smile, be yourself and you will be selected.
I promise.

And they have always lived their promises.

So now, for you, my dear student reader, your time has come. Your are awesome. You are the best. The companies can’t wait to get you on their team. So irrespective its a video or audio call, smile, be yourself and you will be selected.
I promise.

Lots of love,
The Universe

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