How can I help PlaceCom.Org

Are you a startup?

As a startup we usually have more work than available bandwidth. Tap into the young talent that is available on and get them to work on some of the interesting challenges you are facing.

Some live examples:

Are you a corporate executive

We know these are tough times and the first week of lockdown has been focused on getting the business to stabilize as teams WFH. We get it ! We have also been busy coordinating across internal and external teams to get business closer to BAU.

Can we request you to come back and think of one or two internships that can be created. We promise we will help you with tools and best practices to make these as impactful as possible.

Are you in the placement committee of your bSchool

If you have found us, make it your job to ensure all the students looking for their summer internships, register here.

We still have very few students from each campus. Maybe its a good sign that most others are placed. But from what we have seen on LinkedIn posts, it seems the others have still not discovered us.

While we are doing our bit to get to students who are still looking for their internships.

Help us, help you (you should see my Jerry Maguire imitation – its hilarious !)

Are you a student who still has no confirmed internship

Then you are on the wrong page !

You should be filling up this form right now !

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