Reducing the minimum stipend

We laid some ground rules when we launched PlaceCom.Org two days back. One of which was a minimum stipend of Rs 25K per month.

We were also mindful that some of these parameters would change basis the feedback we were getting.

One such consistent feedback is the need to lower the stipend.

And hence as of today, we are introducing a new stipend slab of Rs 10K per month.

Why – we have a strong pool of candidates but the supply of internships is constrained. If reducing the stipend, helps us immediately create a larger pool of projects, it makes absolute sense.

If need be, we may introduce a Free slab too, soon !

As a platform, we are committed to gather quick feedback and adapt ourselves accordingly. This is one such attempt.

Update: 5th Apr 2020 – we have now introduced “Unpaid” as a category.


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