Our Journey at PlaceCom.Org

14th Apr 2020

Day 17 and we are at 1495 applications and 121 shortlists with 15 offers.

Placecom.Org Day 17 metrics
Placecom Day 17

12th Apr 2020

Day 14 and we have just seen the 14th offer being rolled out on PlaceCom.Org. 40+ opportunities still open for MBA Internships 2020

2nd Apr 2020

Its day 5 and we have our first offer and sign-off !. Yay

30th Mar 2020

MBA internships 2020, dashboard created.

We have 22 opportunities from 10 internships. 180 students registered. A few of the internships are from people 2 degrees away. Word is getting around and we are getting started.

Looks like we may be able to help a few students get their remote internships in these times !

Feeling good. Its been a v hectic last 6 days !

28th Mar 2020

We get consistent feedback that it is very tough to offer even 25K Rs as stipend, especially when startups are cutting down costs (incl salaries) in a big way. We reduce our minimum stipend to Rs 10K

26th-29th Mar 2020

Multiple new features added incl

  • Apply for internships
  • Recruiters can view all applicants and do single-click shortlist/offer
  • Emailers for multiple status change incl shortlist, apply, offer
  • Reminder emailers for new applicants, incomplete profile
  • We have our first overseas intern opportunity from IME Digital – Nepal

25th Mar 2020

Placecom.org goes live with limited functionalities

  • Signin and login for students & recruiters
  • Min Rs 25K pm stipend
  • Students can upload CV and share their interests.
  • Students can still not apply for any internships
  • We managed to list 3 internships – from mTuzo, WishFin

24th Mar 2020

A few of us feel that there were way too many posts on LinkedIn about cancelled internships, that it needed something to be done. Something which cuts the noise and taps into the underlying collective strength of our Linkedin networks. We promise we would be live (with limited functionalities)

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