Companies: How to use

If you are a recruiter or are representing a company that is looking to hire a remote intern from PlaceCom.Org – do take 2 minutes to read through this article. It will help you make the best of the platform.

Posting a new internship

  1. Join Placecom.Org as a Corporate executive
  2. Go to your dashboard and click on “Add a new internship”
  3. Fill up the details including – company name, website, project title, details of the project etc
  4. Once posted, we will review and approve the internship. Post approval, students can view and apply for your project

Checking applicants for my project

You can login to your dashboard and click on any of the projects, to see a list of all applicants for that internship. Against each applicant’s name you would see easy ways to

  • Connect (linkedin, email)
  • Download their CVs
  • Shortlist applicants
  • Make offer to the top candidates

Tips for using as a recruiter

  • Take the time to write a compelling project description. Do talk about why this is not just a report at the end of two months, but an opportunity to learn and contribute in the business of the venture
  • If you are looking to hire multiple interns across projects, it is better to post them as separate projects.
  • Please make shortlists and offers via the platform.¬†Why? It allows us to stay focused on the core objective of getting max number of students placed. As a process, any student who is offered is deemed to have accepted and will be out of the placement process. Your support in doing this will go a long way in delivering the desired impact ! This also works as a strong signalling measure – the dashboard gets updated realtime.
  • Pause the internship – If you have begun the shortlist process and do NOT want any fresh applications, you can “pause” the internship from your dashboard.

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