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Company NameFlixip
About the Internship:

About Flixip:

When you watch a film, it remains in you for long. You adapt certain features of the film and implement it in your day-to-day activities, which may be through dialogues, accent, songs, and much more. And so, we've created Flixip to not just bring out those loveable features which every movie lover can cherish, but also connect with others sharing their taste.

The platform is made with an intent to help you discover the gems which you might have missed, and to relive the ones which already reside in your heart. Flixip is a place to gather, discover, share, enjoy, and cherish.

Who are we:

And just like you, and most of the Indians, we too are die hard fans, always game for a filmy conversation. The platform is created by people from IIT Delhi and IIM Ahmedabad, who want to connect all the movie lovers to cherish about the small things which brings smile to their faces.

The Project:

We have been providing some lovely content to our audience in the form of social media posts, website articles, and email newsletters. And we're happy to share that we've been receiving an immensely positive response from all of them. As part of our journey, it now becomes important for us to think of expanding the audience pool, which is why we need you.

We're looking for someone who help us create an engagement application for the movie lovers. We have thought through a basic structure of what it will include, but we need someone who can think logically and suggest further enhancements.

An Ideal Candidate:

  • Should be a movie lover because we strictly believe as long as you don't share the same vision, you won't be able to give your best
  • Should be able to think outside the box to get some really cool marketing ideas to help in scaling up
  • Should clearly communicate his/her thoughts, even when disagreeing, put forward with logical statements
  • Should possess an eye for detail and willing to go an extra mile to understand audience psyche and suggest us solutions accordingly
  • Should be available for a duration of 5-6 weeks
Applicable for Second Year Only
Learning opportunity in Strategy
Total Stipend/StudentINR UnPaid
# of students required 1
Internship Duration8 weeks
Apply Before06-Jul-2020
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