Digital Marketing Intern

An Internship by ChaiBell

Company NameChaiBell
About the Internship:

ChaiBell is a food and beverage organization that provides customers the need and satisfaction with its quality care and cost effectiveness. It is something you look forward every day that is a cup of tea. ChaiBell is basically an e-commerce organization which sell its food and beverage products online. It is a Noida based company which ensures that professionals of Noida get their daily sips of freshness pure, flavoured and presentable. It focuses on high quality and freshly brewed tea and other food items. Timely, regularly and pleasantly the organization ensures you have your cup of tea -warm, healthy and full of life.

Applicable for Second Year Only
Learning opportunity in Marketing
Total Stipend/StudentINR UnPaid
# of students required 1
Internship Duration8 weeks
Apply Before16-Aug-2020
# of applicants0
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