Kaustav Bhowmik | MBA

NameKaustav Bhowmik
Interested inMarketing,Strategy,Product Management,Sales-BD
Linkedin Profilehttps://www.linkedin.com/in/kaustav-bhowmik-22b95517a/
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SummaryI am writing to apply for an internship position in your esteemed organization. I believe with a computer science background, a brief stint in the IT industry and a years’ business school experience in an institute of national importance, I can add value to your organization and in turn gain significant work experience, working for an organization with a nationwide presence. After graduating with an engineering degree in computer science I joined Infosys Limited, a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, and worked on an IOT project dedicated to synchronization of containerization tool Docker with an orchestration system Kubernetes. I worked on developing testing scripts for an exhaustive end to end testing and later moved onto automating test procedures, through which I achieved a reduction of testing cycle time by 31% and testing personnel dependencies from four to one. Working with an International client I learnt about the nuances of the corporate world through the challenges faced. Post the corporate journey I planned on doing my master’s in business management from Indian Institute of Management Jammu, where I learnt the essentials of marketing, sales, strategy and business development through concepts as well as fieldwork. With a team of six, I spearheaded the city launch of Deal Crush, a service aggregator app, which gives out discounts and offers based on member subscription. Initially, we planned on increasing awareness and brand visi

There are three things that I believe defines me and what I stand for.

The first is objectivity- From early on in my life I had an inclination towards being objective, from deciding what hero I should choose to play a particular video game to rationalizing reasons that led to me losing a football match. Though I believe it has it's own cons, being objective in my decisions helped me take a more pragmatic approach to a given problem.

The second would be divergent thinking - I believe to come up with a great idea, we must think of as many ideas as possible, often beyond the boundaries of existing and accepted norms. This may sound ironical because I mentioned being pragmatic in the first point, but I hope the third point will throw some light.

The third and most important of my convictions is balance. I vehemently believe that balance is what everything around us aspires to achieve, be it an atom of oxygen trying to combine with another to attain stability or a tiger eating a deer to maintain balance in the food chain.

These three things help me shape my Why, How and What and gives me some clarity in life.