Sahil Ahmed | MBA

NameSahil Ahmed
Interested inMarketing,Strategy,Product Management,Data Sciences,Sales-BD,Technology
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SummaryI have had a nag for design since my undergrad days. And, after joining XIMB I have been working religiously to improve the online presence of two committees viz. International Relations Committee, which is one of the 4 Core Committees of XIMB; and Cultural Committee, which conducts the highest number of events at XIMB, around an year - 14 in total. Being a part of the design vertical I have made various beautifully designed posts for social media pages which has increased the visibility of the committee. I have also designed posters for flex prints and other communication channels for various events. Also, as I have a flare for Photography and Videography, I have successfully covered almost all the events of both the committees and created video posts for various social media pages. Recently, I was promoted as the Head of Design Vertical of both the committees and will be working along with my team managing events in 2nd year. I believe I have excellent Presentation skills. I had taken part in an Marketing Event of our college named "Pitch Please." My team had to come up with an innovative solution to a major problem at Bhubaneswar and then Pitch it to the entire college. This included creating PPT, Poster, Video Ad and design a Kiosk. Our team came up as a runners up in that event.
AboutHead of Design Vertical - International Relations Committee (20-21) Head of Design Vertical - Cultural Committee (20-21) Highly Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and Lightroom.