What's Placecom 2.0

Placecom was launched as a quick fix to help MBA students of 2021 batch get remote internships at the last moment (Covid had caused many internships to be cancelled at the last moment). As we served the core purpose, we also picked up strong feedback on what should change. Placecom 2.0 is our next version basis the very real inputs and candid feedback.

What we heardChanges in Placecom 2.0
Yet another password !Login via Linkedin.
Old accounts are linked one time
Get us more opportunities to work on "real stuff"Launching Live Projects
What ! No Stipend ?All Live Projects & Internships are paid opportunities
Can do with more clarity on what's expected hereAll Live Projects are templatized
Internships continue to be more flexible
What are the Co's timelines for shortlisting, making offers ?All opportunities expire in 3 weeks.
Companies need to make offers before that
How do we evaluate & encourage higher quality of work ?Feedback, Ratings for internships COMING SOON
We want to learn from Industry ExpertsVirtual Guest Lectures COMING SOON
What's Placecom's Focused MissionONLY for MBA.
Campus-to-Corporate connect platform.